Basic Informations

Name: Edin Brankovic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sport: Short Track Speed Skating
Category: Senior Representative
Member: Skating Club The One
Age: 27 years

Greetings to all of You,

In the very beginning I would like to thank You warmly because You follow, show interest and share values with me which I have an opportunity to share around the world as one of you with goal of promoting our country Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every competition I participate in I experience in a new way because to wear colors of Bosnia and Herzegovina and represent all of you is not easy.

Sincere Regards,
Edin Brankovic.



Edin Brankovic (born on 3rd July 1990) is member of Skating Club «THE ONE» and he is National Representative in olympic discipline Short Track Speed Skating.


• Gold Medal Balkan Games 2014. (Celje)
• Bronze Medal 1500m Balkan Games 2013. (Izmit)
• National Champion 2014. and record holder on 500m, 1000m, 1500m
• Top 15 ECH and World Cups
• European Championship: semifinalist 2010 (Dresden),
   2011 (Heerenveen), Dordrecht (2015)
• World Cup: Finalist 2011(Dresden), semifinalist 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014.
• Top 10 WJCH 2010 (1500m)
• 2004-2009. junior categories gold in region «Alpe Adria Trophy»
• Awarded with scholarship of ISU fro prograsive result improvement


• Post Graduate Academy BEGOC 2015, Baku
• M.S Degree Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University in Sarajevo
• Bch Degree Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University in Sarajevo
• Young Ambassador of Youth Olympic Games 2012 & 2014
• The best student in the Generation in primary and high school
• Participated in IOC Conference, Los Angeles, 2012
• BH Telecom Award for the Best Business Partner in 2011.

Historical Results for Bosnia and Herzegovina

After Taipei (WJCH 2010.,top 10), Dresden (ECH 2010.,top15), Edin made next continuing set of great results on ECH 2011., 2015 (semifinal 1500m,, World Cups: (semifinals 2011, 2012, 2014, Finale B i 13. place (2011.). On the Balkan Games 2014. He won Gold in overall classification. On the same competition, Bosnia and Herzegovina skated first time with the relay on the international competition and won Gold. It is important that achieving those results Edin was without team staff.


Edin has started skating in 2001. In poor sport and training circumstances. Now, after 14 years of hard work and dedicated effort it can be said that Edin is successfull athlete and young ambassador who is reflecting Olimpic Spirit of Sarajevo across the world with next generations.


18. july 2019. godine

Excellence Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded as the social project of Edin Branković – IOC Young Ambassador and Short Track National Team Representative who was selected for the prestigious...

20. may 2019. godine

Edin Branković, IOC Young Change-Maker and National team representative in the Olympic discipline Short Track Speed Skating participated on “International Conference Didactic Challenges III” in Osijek (May, 16th-17th, 2019).

07. october 2018. godine

On the second day of the Forum Edin Branković, M.Sc. founder Excellence Academy Bosnia and Herzegovina attended panel facilitated by Mariana Behr (Former Head of Engagement and Education, Rio 2016, Brazil)

05. october 2018. godine

The first day of world forum “Olympism in Action” brought together more than 2.000 participants from all over the world in Exhibition and Convention Centre in Buenos Aires.

30. september 2018. godine

On 5th and 6th October 2016, Edin Brankovic, M.Sc., Excellence Academy founder, will be presenting the Academy on the “Olympism in Action” forum organized by International Olympic Committee (IOC) right before the beginning of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2018...

Author: Edin Brankovic

What is the future of youth? In what direction sport develops? How sport effects the world? Do we have a development...

Author: Edin Brankovic

Race with smiles with Bolt and De Grasse, life challenge and courage of young swimmer Mardini who as refuge swam uncountable kilometers to...

Author: Edin Brankovic

I have been thinking about sport and its effects on the society. From the professional athlete perspective, sometimes, it is not seen well what impacts athletes have in the society.

Contact Information

NAME AND SURNAME: Edin Branković
PHONE: +387 62 72 42 52